iHit (iPhone 5 & 5s Pipe & Storage Case)

The iHit™ is the first phone case of its kind. It features a patent-pending, spring-loaded storage compartment which houses your full size one hitter cigarette pipe. In a separate compartment, your tobacco is held within an air tight chamber that provides for odor free storage.


When upper compartment is triggered your cigarette style pipe is propelled to the top of the case. The iHit’s spring-loaded function allows you to easily remove your pipe from the case with style and ease. Once you have removed the pipe, simply pop open the bottom compartment and pack it with your tobacco. Finally enjoy yourself a fine smoke from your pipe.

Each dual-chambered iHit is crafted from durable pc material and sprayed with a silicone grip for a comfortable hand feel. All cases also includes a full size cigarette style hitter.

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