Lookah Glass - Dual Arm Barrel Recycler

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  • 12" inches tall with 18mm male joint
  • Dual-arm recycler for maximum recycling
  • Barrel perc main chamber for smoke cooling
  • Bent neck design to prevent splashback
  • Includes thick quartz banger nail
  • Available in several different colors
  • Super thick glass with thick rounded base

A unique highly functional design

Lookah Glass is known for their unusual designs and this piece is no exception. The design on this piece is like no other we have seen. This piece is made with thick glass with a super thick base for extreme durability. The unique design features a barrel-shaped main chamber with percs where most of the diffusion and smoke cooling occurs. After being pushed through the main chamber your smoke and water is forced up through the two recycler arms to the top rounded chamber where the water is recycled back down through the spiral middle chamber for continuous recycling.