Lookah Glass - Dual Arm Recycler

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  • Pyramid-shaped main chamber to condense the flavor
  • Angled neck to prevent splashback from a recycler and hard hits
  • Slitted downstem perc for top-notch diffusion.
  • Dual-arm recycler to increase smoke cooling and flavor
  • Super thick base for added stability and durability
  • Flared joint to move the heat away from your mouth and the piece
  • 14mm female joint includes matching 14mm male bowl piece
  • 8 Inches Tall making it a great size for herbs or concentrates

A unique shape to increase flavor and smoke cooling

If you are someone that prefers unique style pieces with incredible function this is the one for you. Lookah Glass is known for making unusual pieces with unique functions making for exciting smoke sessions. This piece features a pyramid-shaped chamber that helps to condense the smoke to increase the flavor. The slitted downstem perc sits all the way at the bottom of the chamber to maximize diffusion. After being diffused your smoke and water is forced up through the dual arms into the top recycler chamber to be recycled back down through the piece. This continuous motion ensures the smoothest hits possible.