Lookah Glass - Spiral Honeycomb Chandelier Bong

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  • Towering 21" Inches Tall for massive rips
  • 9mm thick glass with extra thick base
  • Funnel-shaped main chamber with sprinkler perc
  • Quad honeycomb perc arms for insane diffusion
  • All arms recycle back down the spiral in the middle
  • Cone-shaped splashguard and ice catcher
  • Extra thick base and mouthpiece for added durability
  • 14mm Female joint with matching bong bowl piece

For serious smokers only!

This Lookah Glass spiral honeycomb chandelier bong is truly a work of art. Standing at a whopping 21" inches tall this piece is for serious smokers only. Lookah is known for its intricate and unique designs and this piece is no exception. This piece is made from super thick 9mm glass with an even thicker base for extreme durability. Starting at the bottom the main chamber is a soft funnell shape that helps to condense your smoke for better flavor and pushes it up through the top percs. Moving up the piece are four separate honeycomb perc chambers that recycle back down through the spiral in the middle of the piece.

At the top of this piece is a chamber that contains several glass indents that not only acts as a splashguard and perc but also as an ice catcher. This allows you to fill the entire neck of this piece with ice for smooth and ice cold rips. This piece is a must-have addition to any serious smokers glass collection.