Marley Natural Glass & Wood Bubbler

$ 124.99
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 Offering the best of both worlds, Bubblers are increasingly becoming a popular choice for smokers all across the world! And the Marley Natural Glass & Wood Bubbler is as good as it gets!

The seamless design created using the glass & wood makes this piece an extremely attractive smoking device designed to grab attention in one glance!

Here’s why the Marley Natural Glass & Wood Bubbler should be your next purchase:

Broad base & advanced filtration: The perfectly shaped base allows for more space & volume that accommodates more water than a normal bong. As a result, the filtration in every dab is much more than your normal smoking devices! 

High-end Material & Craftsmanship: Made exclusively using only the top grade glass and high-end wood, this device oozes a premium feel to it! All that craftsmanship with the material & design comes together to form a novelty item that is also an equally good item to look at as well as use!

Removable parts for easy maintenance:
One of the best perks of the Marley Natural Glass & Wood Bubbler is the ease of maintenance, thanks to the removable parts. You can easily remove the parts to clean them properly and assemble them back together like it’s brand new!