Marley Natural Glass & Wood Taster One Hitter

$ 39.99
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Who says smoking has to be complicated? Try the Marley Natural Glass & Wood Taster One Hitter if you don’t believe us! This device made from borosilicate glass & wood is ideal for when you don’t want to smoke a whole joint during the day. 

It also enables you to try out different types of herbs if you want to. Plus the extremely compact design makes it the best smoking device for discreet usage. 


* Compact & Portable design for carrying the device easily

* High quality borosilicate glass & wood materials for enhanced durability

* Easy to clean and maintain

How does it work?
The taster is pretty simple to use: Put a pinch of your herb into the bowl, then light it up for a couple of seconds, keeping the flame at a safe distance from the taster, then draw from the mouthpiece

Care and Maintenance: 
Clean your taster after every session for ideal maintenance. Make sure to remove any residual or ash from your device, after smoking!