Marley Natural Mini Beaker Bong

$ 229.99
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Elegant design & superior functionality have never come together like the Marley Natural Mini Beaker Bong! This Water pipe by Marley is a masterpiece when it comes to giving you smoother hits and a beautiful addition to your smoking setup! 

The wood finish of the neck and the bottom makes it perfect for grip and enjoying your preferred herbs with it. The Marley Natural Mini Beaker Bong has an ice pinch for cooler hits and the 5-hole downstem allows for bigger & better hits every time.

Some key features include:

* Ultra durable glass with matte wood finish makes this piece a value for your money

* The sturdy & compact design facilitates portability so that you can carry you mini bong without any hesitation

* A premium experience for enjoying smoother & cooler hits in style

Care and Maintenance:

Maintaining & regularly cleansing your Marley Natural Mini Beaker Bong will ensure that this Water pipe serves you a long long time. Make sure you remove the residue or buildup from the bowl and chamber for optimal performance. You can use warm, soapy water and a soft brush to clean your mini bong!