Nipple Directional Carb Cap

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Have full control over the airflow!

This directional carb cap features a nipple like design that makes it easy to handle and also allows for increased airflow. Simple turn this carb cap in a circle and watch as your oil is pushed around and vaporized right before your eyes. Carb caps are a must-have dab tool for any serious dabber because they help control the airflow from your rig into the dab nail to regulate the temperature. This unique design will allow you to move puddles from all corners of your banger nail with ease. This carb cap works on almost all nails but it works best with quartz banger nails.


  • Directional Carb Cap
  • Air Flow Holes
  • Fits Most Quartz Bangers
  • Thick Glass
  • All Clear Glass
  • Increase Vapor Production