TokerSupply - Pink Marble Hammer Bubbler

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This pink hammer bubbler is a sleek and convenient way to enjoy waterpipe percolation in a smaller, more portable handpipe. This piece is a truly a work of art, with its unique pink glass and glass marbles n the chamber and stem. The deep chamber holds just enough water to diffuse and cool smoke as it travels through to the mouthpiece. The hammer's bottom is flat, enabling you to rest the pipe safely on your coffee table.

Because all pipes are hand made works of art colors and designs will vary slightly.

This pipe is about 7" inches long and 4" inches tall.


Bubblers are essentially smaller hand-held water pipes, which contains water to filter and diffuse your smoke. Bubblers are great for smoking on the go or when traveling because of their smaller size and portability. We carry a wide variety of different glass bubblers  SHOP MORE BUBBLERS....


  • Thick Glass: This glass pipe contains thick glass which increases the pipes lifespan and protects it from accidental bangs and drops. Thick glass pieces are less likely to break due to their heavy glass construction.


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