Rock Glass - Mini Triple Recycler Dab Rig

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  • 10mm female joint
  • 7 inches tall
  • Includes quartz banger nail
  • Clear glass for scientific look
  • Bent neck mouthpiece prevents splashback
  • Triple recycler design for extra filtration
  • Perfectly sized for home or travel use
  • Can also be used to smoke dry herbs
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Dab rig under $100

The Rock Glass Mini Triple Recycler Dab Rig is the dream piece for concentrate lovers, providing plenty of diffusion for a piece under $100! This dab rig cools down smoke even more than other water pipes, featuring a recycler design that keeps the smoke in contact with the water for a longer time! 

Whether you're new to the dabbing scene or an experienced concentrate smoker, the Rock Glass Mini Triple Recycler Dab Rig won't disappoint. This dab rig is specially designed to diffuse the smoke, and help smokers enjoy the flavor. Recycler rigs take filtration beyond the standard dab rig, bringing the smoke through the water chamber multiple times for an even cooler taste. This triple recycler dab rig brings the smoke through the water chamber three times! By the time the smoke reaches the mouthpiece, it will be fully filtered for an awesome taste!

This dab rig is the perfect size for all occasions! At 6 inches tall, you can easily pack it away in a suitcase or backpack, without compromising on its function. And, thanks to the triple recycler design, it also provides an awesome at-home smoking experience.

Thanks to the bent neck, you can take cool dabs without worrying about the water splashing back. It also makes a great gripping point for passing around the smoking circle.

While this recycler rig includes a quartz banger nail, it can also be used to smoke dry herbs. Insert a 10mm male bowl to use this dab rig as a bong!