Sideway Funnel Inline Recycler Rig

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  • 6 inches tall
  • 14mm female joint
  • Recycler rig
  • Artistic rig design
  • Green mouthpiece
  • Orange and green marbles
  • Turquoise downstem
  • Inline percolator
  • Great filtration
  • Includes bowl
  • Compatible with dab nails
  • Under $100
  • Beautiful modern style

The Sideway Funnel Inline Recycler Rig pairs a beautiful, eye-catching modern design with awesome function! Each hit you take with this recycler rig fully filters your smoke to give you the cool, delicious hits you’ve come to love!

This recycler rig takes a step away from the normal scientific bong style, with a beautiful, stunning design featuring three glass marbles! It’s a great piece to add to or start your collection!

Even with the minimalistic design, the Sideway Funnel Inline Recycler Rig provides excellent hits! The inline perc filters smoke as it passes through by feeding it through several small slits, with a diffusion effect. Thanks to the recycler design, the smoke passes through the water chamber several times! Whether you’re smoking solo or with friends, you’ll love taking huge, smooth bong rips from this recycler rig!

At only 6 inches tall, you can enjoy a top-notch smoking experience without having a huge, clumsy piece. The scientific borosilicate glass design means it won’t break easily, either. Swap the bowl out for a dab nail to smoke your favorite concentrates with this recycler rig!