The "Flavor Saver" Bent Neck Tree Perc Rig

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  • 7-8" Inches Tall
  •  Tree Perc 
  • Bent Neck
  • Thick Sturdy Base
  • Scientific Glass
  • Dry herb options will include Dry Herb
  • Concentrate options will Include Glass Dome & Nail

Joint Size: 14mm Male

Attachment Size: 14mm Female

Are you looking for a generous hit of quality smoke without compromising the taste of your favorite concentrates? If so, The "Flavor Saver" is the ideal piece for you! The Flavor Saver Bent Neck Tree Perc Rig combines several distinct features that each provide a unique quality to completely enhance the experience. The  tree percolator delivers exquisite filtration that cools the smoke and ensures smooth, pleasant hits every time. Each rig comes with a glass dome and nail.