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4 Simple Items That'll Upgrade Your Dabbing Game

It's no secret: dabbing's taken the smoking and online headshop community by storm. While its' popularity's been steadily rising in recent years, a lot of people are still unfamiliar with the process. At Toker Supply, we help connect passionate dabbers with the finest dab rigs and accessories to enhance the experience. Nowadays, it's no longer just about the bong. Without a doubt, dabbing has arrived and it's here to stay.

Therefore, it's important to know how you can maximize the process. Basically, this means simply enjoying it as much as you can. Obviously, when it comes to any method of inhaling smoke or vapor, you need the right stuff. For example: enjoying fresh herb requires a handheld bowl or glass water bong. Dabbing requires a dab rig and nail. However, there are a few more items that can help new (and veteran) dabbers upgrade their game significantly. These simple tools will have a huge impact on your overall enjoyment and help you to dab like a pro in no time.

1. A High-Quality Torch

Unfortunately, way too many people make the mistake of using a subpar torch to dab. Nothing bums everyone at a dab session out like a cheap, flimsy blowtorch sputtering out and bringing everything to a dead stop. Therefore, getting your hands on a high-quality and efficient torch is a simple (but reliable) way to upgrade your dabbing game.

Luckily, there are a whole bunch of torches specifically for dabbing. They're engineered to deliver the precise flame for even heating and premium inhalation. A good torch will provide you with a long-term means of heating your dab nails with total precision. Without a doubt, it's worth the modest investment. Whipping out a dab torch at your next dab session will confirm to anyone present that you're a responsible pro who takes your dab game seriously.

2. Carb Cap

Of course, a lot of people who actively dab consider these to be the most important dab tools there are. Without a doubt, they're certainly a reliable way to get the most out of every dab. When dabbing, the carb cap sits on top of the nail as soon as you begin inhaling. As a result, it seals in the vapor and also traps heat, maintaining the perfect temperature for your nail as long as possible.

When it comes to dab accessories, few are as diverse as the carb cap. The sheer number of options can often be overwhelming. Therefore, when shopping for a carb cap, be sure to check the specifications to see what features and benefits your options have to offer. When you find the right one, you'll know it.

3. Silicone Slip Mats

One of the most popular complaints about dabbing is how messy it can get. Obviously, nobody wants to begin a dab session that ends in a sticky, gross mess. No matter how neat or precise you may try to be, the sticky waxes we dab always cover our tools, rig and the surrounding surface.

Slip mats are the simplest way to eliminate the potential for a stubborn, sticky dabbing mess. They provide a stable, slip-resistant base for your dab rig as well as your torch, tools and accessories. As a result, they not only protect your rig, but also keep your space clean and free from any unpleasant residue.

4. Glass Pointy Dabber Tools

Obviously, there are a ton of basic dabbing tools to choose from. They're intended to provide a contact-free way to manipulate the wax while heating and ensure even distribution. With so many to choose from, making a decision can feel overwhelming. However, few dabber tools are as savvy or uniquely-designed as the Glass Pointy Dabber Tool.

Glass Pointy Dabber Tool

This tools boasts a distinctive shape and compact size, both of which are tremendous assets when it comes to dabbing. The four-inch length helps you maintain a safe distance from the nail and prevent any burns. In addition, its singular shape provides more than just aesthetic value. It's actually a very conscious way to ensure a firm, steady grip throughout, and the pointy tip makes handling waxes a lot smoother. And best of all? It'll make all your friends jealous.

Conclusion - Toker Supply

With these four simple items, you'll be well on your way to impressing all your friends with what a seasoned and professional dabber you've become. Our online headshop offers a diverse variety of these items plus a lot more - the most varied selection of dabbing tools and accessories online today.

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