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5 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Dabbing Experience

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're aware that dabbing is currently taking the world by storm. As an online headshop, naturally we're experts on dabs, dabbing, and dab rigs. If you're looking to dab for the first time or enhance your experience, keep reading.

What is dabbing, you ask?

Dabs are the concentrated elements of plants or herbs. The final product is a sticky, goopy oil referred to as wax, shatter or budder.

Dabbing is the more modern way to enjoy herbs. The dabber heats the oil on a hot surface (usually a nail), then inhales them through a dab rig. There you go - you're up to speed!

For those of you just beginning to embrace the dabbing process, here's a list of ways to improve your dabbing experience. Basically, these will help to make the experience as enjoyable for you as possible.

1. Keep Your Gloves On!

Sure, this might seem a little neurotic. But, when you get right down to it, dabs pack extraordinary flavor. But, they're also slimy and sticky. If you handle the wax with your bare hands, your fingers will become just as slimy and sticky and collect dirt in the process. Therefore, you can contaminate the dab.

That's right - if you're not wearing gloves, bacteria from your hands can move from your skin into the oil. Ultimately, this will cause dilution or contamination. Keep your herbs contaminant-free with the simple practice of wearing gloves!

2. Lower the Heat

If you're a member of the smoke/dab community, you've probably heard a dabbing horror story. And as this recent trend evolves, so will tales of bad experiences. Naturally, the more people experiment, the more those experiments are likely to go wrong. If you're a beginner, you're more likely to make the occasional mistake.

Have you heard a tale of unpleasant flavor, or maybe even chest pain while dabbing? Well, guess what? That's almost definitely from an extremely high temperature.

Pro smokers know to let their dab nail cool after the heating process. If the nail overheats, the concentrates combust. Ultimately, this is what causes a foul taste and discomfort.

An unnecessarily high flame can also annihilate the components that create the aroma and flavor that make dabbing worthwhile. And these are the things you pay for!

Essentially, always let your nail or banger cool after heating it if you want to avoid these issues. Additionally, keeping the temperature low is considered good dabbing etiquette.

3. Use a Carb Cap

Basically, a carb cap is a carburetor for your dab rig. And it limits the amount of airflow to the dab nail. As a result, it allows you to collect the last of your dab to punctuate your hit.

If you cap your nail, the restricted airflow places your rig under lower pressure. Consequently, it lowers the boiling temperature. Basically, you'll get a thick, luscious hit of flavorful smoke.

4. Clean Your Rig!

No matter what kind of smoking/dabbing instrument you use, keeping it clean is so important. Basically, there are a whole host of reasons to keep anything you smoke clean.

It's not just about good hygiene and appearance. In addition, a clean dab rig will give you hits of a higher quality. Robust, flavorful smoke is what you'll get from a clean rig.

On top of this, the more you clean your rig, the easier it will be to clean. The longer you procrastinate between cleaning, the more difficult and arduous the process will be.

5. Use a Quartz Nail/Banger

Are you looking to get the best taste out of your dab rig? Then try using a quartz nail/banger. Quartz nails provide smokers with an incredibly clean, pure kind of hit. Also, they've proven to be a lot more durable than glass nails.

Conclusion - Happy Dabbing!

At Toker Supply, we're all about educating our community of smokers. If you want to keep your dabbing experience as exquisite as possible and dab like a pro, we highly recommend sticking to these five guidelines.

Until next time - happy smoking, and happy dabbing!

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