4 Smartphone Apps for Tokers

4 Smartphone Apps for Tokers

Smartphones have revolutionized our lives as we know them. Just about everything, from getting a ride to sending money, has an app to make it fast and easy. Basically, everyone from health nuts to Pokemon nerds have felt the massive effect of smartphones, and stoners are no exception.

Once upon a time, smoking was an underground taboo. However, nowadays it's more accepted than ever. The digital age has seen magnificent advances for smokers, stoners, and growers alike. Thus, with these bursts of innovation come smartphone applications, or "apps," designed to enhance and compliment the smoker's lifestyle. Right now, they can even help you to survive quarantine! There's an app for just about everything these days, including for stoners and growers. In this post, we'll discuss some of the best apps for stoners, growers, tokers, and even herbal chefs!

1. MassRoots

Have you ever found yourself wishing there was a Facebook just for stoners? Finally, your wish is a reality. MassRoots is a unique social media platform exclusively for sharing plant-centric content. On MassRoots, users can share news, discuss pipe cleaning tips, blog, upload and share photos, and more. If you're passionate about your smoke game, MassRoots is the online community for you.

Obviously, sometimes it doesn't feel very appropriate to share your passion on platforms like Facebook. Without a doubt, it's tough to comfortably share that kind of content when Aunt Karen from Buffalo is sure to reprimand you in the comments section. Therefore, an app like MassRoots is perfect to share what you like and not worry about any potential consequences.

2. Chef 420

The herbal culinary arts are increasing in popularity, and for good reason. And it's not just about finding the right fruit to smoke out of! All over the world, plant chefs combine their passion for herbs with their creativity in the kitchen. The results are often pretty impressive. However, it's often easy to run out of ideas. Chef 420 is the perfect remedy for a lack of imaginative steam.

Chef 420 provides countless recipes for budding (so to speak) chefs to keep the creative juices flowing. Everything from sweet and savory to soups and salads can involve your herbs. In fact, you can prepare an entire multi-course feast using it as a central ingredient. Chef 420 is the perfect hub for herbal chefs who want to try new recipes and share their own.

3. EZGrow

Are you trying your hand at growing? This isn't exactly a bad idea. However, everyone knows just how complicated it can be. Growing your own herbs requires a great deal of commitment, to say the least. In fact, without the proper guidance, it can be positively infuriating.

EZGrow is the best way to log, track and project your data on a daily basis. Ultimately, EZGrow is the key to helping your plants flourish to their full potential. It can even keep track of multiple gardens at once! With EZGrow, you can video monitor your plants, create a nutrient schedule and track everything from humidity to CO2. It even features a treatment tool to eliminate any potential pest infestations! Sounds pretty impressive, huh?

4. SimLEAF

Like we said: growing is hard work. So many smokers want to give it a shot but don't think they have what it takes. So what's the solution? Try SimLEAF, an app that simulates herb growth for you to give you a taste of what it's like! What genius came up with this?!

SimLEAF requires you to tend to each one of your virtual plant's needs, kind of like an herbal Tamogotchi. Basically, if you put in the necessary time and effort, you'll receive the reward of a healthy and flourishing plant! However, most importantly: it'll help you determine whether or not growing is for you.

Toker Supply - Online Headshop

Why not put your smartphone to work for you in a way you'd appreciate? For those who are passionate about bud, these four apps are a total game changer. In fact, they can even help you develop a career, either as a chef or commercial grower!

In the mean time, Toker Supply is happy to fulfill your non-virtual smoking needs.

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