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6 Best Fruits to Smoke From (and How!)

Toker Supply has built a community of smoking connoisseurs throughout the years. As an online head shop, we harbor a deep love and respect for pioneer smokers combining science with craftsmanship to create unparalleled smoking experiences.

In October of 2018, we built a pumpkin bong. Mostly, this was done in the spirit of innovation. We’ll never ditch our beloved glass pipes and bongs altogether. However, smoking out of a fruit was a fun way to improvise with limited materials. Just like rolling a joint, the ability to sculpt a bowl out of a fruit is a unique life skill. It’s a creative way to smoke without a glass pipe.

Fruit Bong or Fruit Bowl?

For most fruits, you have two options. Depending on your preferences (or your game-time feelings on the matter), you can either make a fruit bong or fruit bowl.

Fruit bowls are generally simpler, and require minimal (if any) extra supplies. Fruit bongs may require an extra downstem or bowl. However, it's worth it if you love the smooth hits of a bong.

Top 6 Fruits to Smoke From (and How)

1. Apple

Done correctly, you will get a robust pull with an apple bowl. As the most common fruit, apples are also the most popular fruit to smoke out of. Odds are, if you've been a passionate smoker for years, you've seen someone smoking from an apple, or done it yourself.

Instructions: The first step to making an apple bowl is to create a hole from the top down to the center. This acts as the bowl area for the dry herb. You should also cut the top of the apple, which will create more space for your dry herbs.

The second step is creating a hole from the side of the apple into the center, connected with the bowl chamber. Lastly, create another channel to the side of the mouthpiece for the carb hole. Lo and behold, a fruity smoking device is born!

Man creating an apple bong using knife and a plastic tube

2. Pear

If you look at a pear horizontally, it’s basically a glass pipe bowl.

Instructions: To start, use a pen to create a hole in the middle of the pear. Keep digging until you reach the middle of the pear. This is where you can put the bowl (or your dry herbs).

Next, create another hole at the top of the pear, and drill deep enough to connect the two holes.

Finally, create another channel to the side of the bowl piece, which will act as the carb. Be sure that all three chambers meet - that’s the only way you’ll get a hit! Remember, airflow is critical to crafting any smoking device. Keep this in mind to guarantee supreme function.

Smoke your new pear pipe the same way you would smoke a standard glass pipe.

3. Avocado

Avocados have gained a lot of traction in cultural popularity in recent years. People are putting them on toast, in burritos, and just eating them alone. Unsurprisingly, they are also a great way to smoke without a glass pipe.

Instructions: Much like other fruits, the beginning of this process is similar. Start by making a hole at the top of the avocado (the narrow part), going through to the center.

Next, make an incision on the side, which will serve as the carb.

Finally, make another hole on the top of the avocado (above the pit), which will be the bowl area.

For the largest hits, add in another avocado. Fashion the second avocado into a bowl extension, which will increase the amount of dry herbs you can use. Put this piece into the bowl area, and fire up.

4. Jalapeno

Have you ever noticed that a passion for dry herbs and a preference for spicy foods are synonymous? While it can be hard to find a jalapeño around the house in a pinch, they make superb last-minute bowls. Making the bowl might be tasty, too, assuming you're an aficionado of spicy foods.

Instructions: To start, remove the stem at the top of the jalapeño. This should create a fairly hollow tunnel through the middle of the pepper. If not, you may need to make a few additional cuts.

Bite the tip of the opposite side to create another chamber.

And voila! Mission accomplished! Now, place your herb in the area that previously held the stem, and smoke up.

While it’s not exactly equivalent to a glass pipe, this one-hitter will prove useful in tight situations. Basically, we can all agree: one hit is better than none.

5. Squash

Squash is another fruit that’s not exactly easy to find in every household, but great for a glass pipe replacement. Basically, with their favorable shape, squash pipes are easy and fun to use.

Instructions: The first step is creating a diagonal hole from the thick part of the fruit to the skinny end.

Like the other fruits, the next step is creating a hole on the side for the carb. Be sure that these two sections meet.

On the other end of the squash, carve out a mouthpiece that connects to the other incisions.

6. Pineapple

Thanks to their size, pineapples are a great fruit for an improvised bong.

Instructions: Next, remove the center of the pineapple. There should be a fairly circular hollow section in the middle.

Using a small but precise knife, create another hole on the side of the pineapple on a downward angle. Insert a downstem from a broken bong you might have around. Alternatively, you can use another hollowed-out cylindrical fruit, or plastic tubing.

Then, put a bowl at the end of the downstem.

As you prepare to finish it off, fill the pineapple with water. Then, insert the mouthpiece at the top. For this step, you can use either a new bong mouthpiece, or another fruit.

Take a hit, and adjust your water levels as needed. Thanks to the tropical taste, you may even prefer this piece to your glass pipe.

Large Pineapple Themed Bong

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Toker Supply Glass Pipes

At Toker Supply, we carry any and all smoking-related supplies. Our online headshop is dedicated to helping hardcore smokers have the finest experience possible. Whether you are trying to create your own improvised pipe or want to smoke out of a normal bong, we're here to help.

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