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The 3 Essential Bongs Every Smoker Should Own

We can never forget: bongs are where it all started! And none of us in this community of passionate smokers would be here without it. As a notable online head shop, nobody could hold the bong in higher esteem than we do at Toker Supply. Throughout its' very long and smoky history, the bong has maintained its position as the O.G. smoking tool. Sure, dab rigs and vape pens are awesome. However, the bong will always be the #1 champion of the world's most devout smokers. Therefore, the bong remains the quintessential staple of every veteran smoker's collection.

For the past century, imaginative craftsmen all over the world have experimented with creating bongs out of a bunch of different materials to create unique and innovative smoking experiences. Obviously, only a few of these materials have proven successful. Suppliers offer bongs in each material to offer a diverse selection of benefits and options for responsible smokers. In this post, we'll discuss the three most popular and essential bong materials that every smoker should have in their collection.

1. Glass Bongs

Of course, this one shouldn't surprise anyone. If you're a smoker, you likely have several glass pieces in your bong lineup. Therefore, it's safe to say that this is probably the most popular and widely-used material for quality water pipes. Glass doesn't just provide the opportunity to craft some impressive works of sculptural, glassblowing art. In addition, its unique ability to have absolutely zero effect on the flavor and purity of smoke makes it an ideal choice for bong creators and a must-have for smokers.

Glass bongs also account for the most extensive and diverse bong selection currently on the market. For example, straight tube and beaker options, multiple chambers, percolator varieties, ash catchers and scientific glass are just some of the features that smokers consider when shopping for glass bongs. Of course, each of these features offer specific advantages and disadvantages. Straight tube bongs are the more traditional pieces, simpler to clean and offer superior ease of use. However, their smaller bases make it harder to keep the bong safe. Beakers are virtually identical in terms of function and maintenance, but their stable bases make it less arduous to keep it in one piece.

Ultimately, glass bongs remain the most popular material for a reason. And no smoker can consider their collection complete without a few notable glass pieces to show off to their buddies.

2. Acrylic Bongs

When it comes to superior durability, acrylic maintains a distinct advantage over other materials. Sometimes, an unpredictably-bold hit kicks you in the lungs and causes a spastic, uncontrollable coughing fit. This is especially true for rookies with limited smoking experience - and very often, these coughing fits lead to an unintentional bong drop. Without a doubt, if you're a passionate smoker, that is a nightmarish notion that chills your very blood. However, you won't have to anxiously hover over anyone taking a hit from your piece with a well-made acrylic bong.

Acrylic is, for the most part, a kind of plastic. As a result, it's uniquely versatile and available in a lot of different shapes, colors, patterns and sizes. You'll definitely be able to find a piece that's the most ideal reflection of you and your personality. In addition, acrylic pieces are ideal for the most frequently on-the-go smokers and perfect for the ultimate smoker's road trip. However, its' one distinct disadvantage is that most smokers feel as if acrylic sometimes affects the flavor of the smoke. Also, without regular cleaning, acrylic pieces can get real funky - so don't add one of these to your lineup unless you're prepared to clean it on a regular basis.

3. Silicone Bongs

Silicone pieces are fantastic, and they've become popular by eliminating the most significant disadvantages of glass and acrylic bongs. First of all, silicone bongs are made with the same high-quality, food-grade materials as the very best cooking supplies. Therefore, nothing sticks to them and they're a breeze to clean. And unlike acrylic bongs, they don't retain odors, flavors or get yucky, delivering clean hits every time.

Also, their pleasantly-squishy texture makes them basically impossible to break. Of course, this means that like acrylic, they're great for taking on the road and come in compact sizes for enhanced portability. Silicone bongs have one drawback, though: their aesthetic value. Unlike glass and many acrylic pieces, silicone bongs simply don't strike the same kind of impressive effect on your shelf. In fact, they can very easily be mistaken for some sort of toy that came with a Happy Meal. However, their distinct benefits eclipse this and make them a must-have for any smoker's collection.

Conclusion - Toker Supply

There you have it - the world's most exceptional types of bong materials. At Toker Supply, you can find each one represented in our shop. The most experienced and insightful smokers usually have very-impressive collections, with a diverse lineup of pieces in all three of these materials they chose for every kind of smoking occasion.

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