American Made Glass

As America’s premier online headshop, Toker Supply orders the highest quality glass pipes from suppliers throughout the world. We are, however, especially proud to support glass pipes and other products made in America. Most notably, we support popular American brands with products that are fully produced in America such as Empire Glassworks, UPC Glass, Glassheads, and more!

These American-made products are incredibly durable, and will withstand the normal wear and tear that others may not. The glass blowers that produce these pipes are extremely talented, channelling all of their creative energy into making each piece uniquely designed yet well-constructed.

Hand-Blown Glass Pipes Made in USA

Included in our American-made collection are several different varieties of pipes:

Dab rigs- Exclusively for waxes, oils and concentrates, dab rigs are ideal for smokers who are passionate about flavor. Dab rigs function by allowing the smoker to heat up the dab nail with a torch, producing a potent vapor for the smoker to inhale. Check out our list of must-have dab tools.

Water Pipes- As one of the hallmark methods of smoking, water pipes have gained extreme popularity among the smoking population over the years for their ability to deliver smooth yet concentrated hits. Our American made bongs are no different. The filtration system makes for an extremely pleasing smoking experience, especially with a carb caps to prevent dirtying the main chamber. Check out our list of Glass Pipes Under $100!

Glass Pipes- The standard and most basic tool in any smoker’s collection, our American made glass pipes are created with the highest design standards in mind. Each pipe has a unique design, and will be sure to last for many years. Even for experienced smokers who prefer the flavor offered by dab rigs or the smooth smoking experience offered by a water pipe, American made glass pipes are great for portable, barebones use. Find other cheap glass pipes and accessorize!

This section contains products from all of these categories, and more! We strive to offer customers as many options as possible for glass pipes made in America. There are many eccentric, zany designs; find the one that best suits you and your smoking needs.

Staff Favorites

Toker Supply cares about customers’ smoking experience. And we know you do, too. As proprietors of the premier online headshop, we’ve tasked ourselves with becoming authorities on everything to do with smoking. When the chef tells you to order a particular dish, you do it. The same principle applies to smoking.

Among all of our products, this section contains our favorite glass pipes, bongs, dab rigs, herb grinders, and dab nails. Because having the right accessories is essential for regular smokers, we have also included some of our favorite accessories for these pipes. Browse this section to see our favorite products and test them out for yourself-- see what all of the fuss is about!

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