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Bongs & Dab Rigs Under $100

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Bongs and dab rigs are two of the most popular smoking methods. And at our online head shop, they are also two of the most affordable smoking methods! This page is your go-to spot for finding high-quality cheap bongs or cheap dab rigs to use when kicking back, relaxing and having a good time smoking with friends. Other online head shops are inclined to sell their bongs and dab rigs at high prices, which can be well beyond the actual market value. They do this because they believe that their products are elite and that consumers will not be able to find them anywhere else. Water pipes add value to the smoking experience by using the water to cool down the smoke. This added filtration will dramatically improve the smoking experience for both new and veteran smokers alike. These bongs also contain percolators, which also contribute to this smoke cooling process.

Beyond the already luxurious water pipe experience, you can take even smoother hits by adding an ash catcher to your water pipe. This attachment will stop ash and debris from contaminating your water pipe, making for even smoother and cooler hits. Any bong can be converted to a dab rig with a quartz banger nail. This piece attaches to your water pipe, and acts as a way to hold the wax. This is the perfect way to convert your bong into a dab rig. Where bongs excel in filtration, dab rigs provide an unparalleled flavor. The uncontaminated concentrate will yield a stronger, more pure flavor.

Our dab rigs are no exception. Concentrate dab rigs are significantly less likely to be contaminated with debris than bongs are. Due to their ergonomic style, dab rigs are also more travel-friendly than water pipes. Be sure to complement your dab rig purchase with one of our dabber tools, which will allow you to smoothly transport the oil or concentrate from the container to your quartz banger nail. For a maximized dabbing experience, a carb cap is essential. The carb cap functions as a way to further separate the wax or concentrate from the air. This has two effects. It keeps the temperature of the smoke even lower than normal, and also aids in giving you the most flavor from the concentrate as possible.

Our online headshop values carb caps. At Toker Supply, our goal is to provide high quality products at fair prices. Having passed extensive quality control testing, all of our water pipes and dab rigs will persist throughout the years.

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