Dab Nails

Toker's Guide to Dab Nails: Find Your Perfect Fit!

Upgrade your dab rig with Toker's extensive selection of dab nails! We carry a wide variety of high-quality nails in different materials, sizes, and styles to deliver the perfect dabbing experience!

All that at the most affordable prices! 

Top Dab Nail Types:

  • Quartz Bangers: The most popular choice for their excellent heat retention and flavor profile. They heat up fast and cool down quickly, allowing for low-temp dabs that preserve terpenes.

  • Titanium Nails: Known for their durability and affordability. They hold heat well but may impart a slight metallic taste.

  • Ceramic Nails: Offer a unique flavor profile but require more careful handling due to their susceptibility to cracking.

Dab Nail Features:

  • Domeless vs. Domed: Domeless nails (like bangers) eliminate the need for a separate dome, simplifying use.

  • Adjustable vs. Fixed: Adjustable nails adapt to different dab rig joint sizes, offering versatility.

  • Size: Choose the appropriate diameter (10mm, 14mm, 18mm) to fit your rig.

Finding the Right Dab Nail:

  • Material: Consider heat retention, flavor profile, and durability (quartz for best flavor, titanium for strength, ceramic for unique taste).

  • Style: Domeless nails offer convenience, while domed options might be preferred for specific concentrates.

  • Size & Joint: Ensure your chosen nail fits your rig perfectly.

Toker's Got You Covered:

With our vast selection and helpful information, Toker Supply makes it easy to find the ideal dab nail for your needs. Browse our collection today and elevate your dabbing experience!


  • What is a dab nail? A dab nail is a small dish inserted into a dab rig that heats concentrates for inhalation. Our most popular dab nail is the terp slurper which is our best selling nail too!

  • What kind of nail should I use? The best choice depends on your priorities (flavor, durability, etc.). We offer detailed information on each type to help you decide.

Pro Tip: Use a dedicated butane torch for optimal heating control.

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Quartz Banger w/ Flat Top - 4mm Thick Bottom - Toker Supply

Flat Top Quartz Banger Nail

$ 19.99
Free Shipping & Easy Returns
7 reviews

A 2mm or 4mm thick quartz banger with added features! This flat top quartz banger nail is 2mm or 4mm thick for added heat retention and durability....

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Quartz Grail Banger Nail - Toker Supply

Quartz Grail Banger Nail

$ 19.99
Free Shipping & Easy Returns
6 reviews

A unique style quartz banger! This is the holy grail of quartz banger nails! This dab nail features a unique slitted opening in the front of the na...

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Thermal Banger Nail - Toker Supply

Thermal Banger Nail

$ 19.99
Free Shipping & Easy Returns
78 reviews

This thermal quartz banger nail features a double wall design which allows you to vaporize more concentrates at lower temperatures and enables you ...

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Quartz Cube Bangers - Toker Supply
Save 38%

Quartz Cube Bangers

$ 39.99
$ 24.99
Free Shipping & Easy Returns
7 reviews

Features: Clear Joint Cube Shape Buckets Male or Female Joints 14mm, or 18mm Joints Choose your size below. Cube Quartz Bangers are made from the...

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Quartz Dozer Nail - Toker Supply
Save 40%

Quartz Dozer Nail

$ 24.99
$ 14.99
Free Shipping & Easy Returns
14 reviews

Features: Quartz Available in Male or Female Joints Dozer Design Available in 14mm & 18mm Select Size & Joint Below Available in female o...

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