Why Shop at an Online Headshop

The Benefits of Shopping at an Online Head Shop

We Have a Big Selection

We have a huge selection of products to choose from and our variety is expanding everyday! Our team is always looking for the new trends and innovations in the industry so our customers can see them first! We offer Water Pipes, Bubblers, Recyclers, Dab Rigs, Ash Catchers, Glass Hand Pipes, Herb Grinders, Rolling Papers, Dab Nails etc.

We strive to offer a huge selection and variety of products so that anyone browsing our site can find something they love and not settle for whatever your local smoke shop might have on the shelf.

We Have The Lowest Prices 

You're probably wondering why our prices are so low, and there are many reasons for that. For starters we do not have a retail store that requires high monthly rent fees, utilities, insurance, employees etc.

Our primarily focus here at Toker Supply is offering the highest quality  products at the lowest possible prices. We are able to offer these low prices because we work directly with glass blowers from all around the world and buy in bulk to pass the savings on to you! Not to mention we offer FREE Shipping on all USA orders!

We have Fast, Free and Discreet Shipping!

There is nothing worse than ordering something online and having to wait weeks or even months for it to be delivered. That is why here at Toker Supply we ship all orders within 24 hours or sooner. Many other Online Headshops are located overseas and can takes weeks or months to deliver your package. Oh and did I mention all orders in the USA Ship for FREE!

Our average delivery time is only 3 days!

ALL of our packages are discreet and use plain brown boxes or envelopes with no logos or anything to indicate what is inside the package. The Return Address reads only "T Supply"

Our Safe-Ship Guarantee

Our shipping teams takes tremendous care and time to package all orders safely, but on rare occasions things do break. Glass and cross country travels sometimes don't mix well. No worries!

We ALWAYS replace broken products right away!

Top Rated Customer Service

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority. We started this business so that people everywhere can enjoy smoking just as much as we do and at affordable prices. Our Customer Happiness team is always happy and willing to help you with any questions, comments, or suggestions you might have! Shoot us an email: support@tokersupply.com

Shop at Your Own Convenience

Shopping with us is so easy you can do it from your phone, computer, tablet or even gaming console 24/7 365 days a years! We are always open and will have your order shipped out the next day and you will have it at your doorstep in only a few days. You can literally shop for a new water pipe while on the toilet (idk about you but I do a lot of shopping from my phone, while in the bathroom)

Strict Quality Control Only The Highest Quality Products Make The Cut

We have very close relationships with glass blowers from all around the world, we communicate and visit with our glass blowers frequently to ensure strict quality control. Any products that do not meet our strict standards are essentially thrown in the garbage or given away for free.

Still not convinced that you'll love shopping with us?

Still have questions or concerns? Check out our Toker FAQ

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