18" Color Accented Glass Beaker Bong

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Create the ultimate cooling experience with the 18" Color Accented Glass Beaker Bong. With a three-pinch ice catcher installed at the base of the extra-long pipe, add as much ice as you like for smooth, cool hits.

Its' classic beaker shape ensures stability on all flat surfaces and the 18” height plus the flared mouthpiece is perfect for universal use and access. Choose between two beautiful color accents to compliment your environment: purple or green. A glass beaker bong is the perfect combination of style, convenience and function.

Beaker Bong Features:

- Large 18” Height
- Three-Pinch Ice Catcher
- Removable Downstream Perc
- Flared Mouthpiece with Color Accents
- Classic Bong/Beaker Shape
- Thick & Sturdy Glass
- 14mm Female Joint