Inner Spiral Glass Pendant Hand Pipe

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By the looks of this glass hand pipe, it should probably be called the Spaceman. The thick glass, large bowl piece, and marble pendants and knobs make this thing look out of this world. And, at only $24.99 for this glass pipe, your expectations will be exceeded!

Red glass with a black glass spiral compliment the shaft of this glass hand pipe. On both ends, the bowl and mouthpiece have spotted fumed glass with accents of yellow, green, and blue.

Glass pendants not only look funky, but help give you a better grip to reduce the risk of it falling and breaking.


  • Black glass inner spiral
  • Rainbow of colors: red, yellow, green, blue, and more
  • Several pendants for better grip
  • Fumed glass allows color to change with each use!
  • 4-5" (pipes are hand-made, which means that the size and shape will vary slightly)
  • High-quality glass