Mini Beaker Bong with Showerhead Perc

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The Showerhead Perc Mini Beaker Bong is the perfect combination of lightweight, portable convenience and smooth, powerful hits. Standing at 8.5 inches, the Showerhead Perc Mini Beaker is the best way to appreciate the power and quality of a showerhead percolator virtually anywhere. With an optimal level of water in the bong’s main chamber, the showerhead percolator will diffuse the smoke and filter it to provide the smoker with perfect flavor and smooth, pleasant hits. The classic beaker base ensures stability on any flat surface and its compact size makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Choose between amber, teal, green and grey models to compliment any space.

Bong Features

- 8.5” Height
- Showerhead Percolator
- 14mm Female Joint
- Deep Bowl with Pinch Handle
- Under $100
- Four Color Options: Amber, Teal, Green & Grey