Rock Glass - Colored Beaker Bong

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This Rock Glass Beaker bong features a classic beaker shape but with bright and beautiful colored glass! The base has a large flat rounded surface for added stability and allows you to add a large amount of water for added filtration. This piece also features an ice catcher allowing you to add ice cubes filling the entire neck of the bong for additional smoke cooling. Beaker bongs are great daily drivers because they are simple and easy to use and clean. The downstem is removeable making cleaning all the pieces of this bong a breeze. This beaker bong features a 14mm female joint and includes a 14mm male bowl piece.
  • Diffused Removeable Downstem
  • 14mm female joint
  • Ice Catcher
  • 12 Inches Tall
  • Includes dry herb bowl
  • Rock Glass Logo