Rock Glass - Super Slit Showerhead Perc Beaker Bong

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  • Classic beaker bong shape holds a lot of water for diffusion
  • Showerhead percolator provides perfect smoke cooling
  • Slim neck condenses your smoke for better flavor
  • Flared mouthpiece creates an airtight seal for flawless function
  • 14mm female joint with matching glass bowl piece
  • 10 inches tall making it great for herbs or concentrates
  • Rock Glass Logo on neck
  • Color accents will vary and be chosen at random

A classic design with upgraded filtration

Rock Glass is known for making highly functional, yet affordable bongs. This classic beaker bong with showerhead perc is a perfect example. The old school beaker design allows you to add more water for better smoke cooling and filtration, while the showerhead perc contains several small slits to increase the surface area fo your smoke for better cooling. The slim neck design condenses your smoke before reaching your mouth to maximize the flavor from your herbs or concentrates. This Rock Glass beaker is a perfect daily driver for anyone looking for great function in a very affordable piece. This piece has a 18mm female joint and includes a matching glass bowl. Add a quartz banger and you got yourself a perfect dab rig too!