Showerhead Perc with Spiral Neck Bong

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  • Showerhead and donut percolators
  • Beautifully crafted spiral neck
  • Accented mouthpiece, bowl joint and donut perc
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Can easily be converted to a dab rig with 14mm quartz nail
  • 10” tall
  • 14mm female joint
  • Water pipe under $100

The Showerhead Perc With Spiral Neck Bong brings a beautiful, unique aesthetic to the table, with multiple percolators and vibrant accents.

When it comes to smoke filtration, the Showerhead Perc with Spiral Neck Bong provides a top-of-the-line experience. First, smoke will flow from the bowl through the inside of the donut perc and through the showerhead percolator. With many slits exposing the smoke to the air, the showerhead perc diffuses the harsh qualities of the smoke. After leaving the showerhead perc, the smoke will make contact with the water chamber, cooling the smoke. As it travels upward, the smoke will hit the donut perc, which provides additional filtration. The donut perc also acts as a splash guard, preventing any water from the main chamber from entering the smoker’s mouth. This percolator bong will be a pleasure for veteran smokers who have smoked their fair share of bongs and new smokers learning the ropes of bong smoking alike.

While this piece has outstanding function, the Showerhead Perc with Spiral Neck Bong also creates an amazing aesthetic. The accented joint, donut perc and mouthpiece provide plenty of color, complementing the clear scientific glass design. The frosted spiral neck adds a unique touch, tying the entire piece together. 

The wide base of this piece makes it a perfect candidate for coffee table placement in your smoking room, too. At 10” tall, this is the perfect moderately sized piece for travel, without compromising on the function. Priced under $100, this piece brings excellent value without breaking the bank.