Tattoo Glass - Honeycomb Perc Monster Bong

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  • Honeycomb percolator
  • 8" Inches Tall
  • Glass monster on side
  • Premium Tattoo Glass quality
  • Scientific bong
  • Crafted with borosilicate glass
  • Natural grip
  • Excellent diffusion for silky smooth hits
  • Great for solo or group smoke sessions
  • Can also be used with concentrates

The Tattoo Glass Honeycomb Perc Monster Bong adds a frightening jolt to any smoking session with top-notch diffusion!

This scientific bong is crafted with highly durable borosilicate glass to create a high-quality design that allows for maximum filtration! When smoke passes through the honeycomb perc, the holes have a diffusing effect, removing the smoke’s harsh qualities. The water also helps cool the smoke down to a lower temperature. The beaker shape is perfect for taking huge bong rips. You’ll enjoy silky smooth hits during each smoking session!

Featuring a sleek, scientific design, this water pipe blends into any smoker’s collection. Thanks to the durable glass, you can pass this piece around the smoking circle without worrying about the pipe breaking.

You can easily use this water pipe to smoke concentrates! Simply replace the dry herb bowl with a 14mm dab nail, heat up your concentrates, and enjoy!