Triangle Sprinkler Perc Recycler Rig

$ 99.99
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The Triangle Sprinkler Perc Recycler Rig is a supreme combination of diffusion and filtration. Standing at a super convenient 8” height, it can be taken virtually anywhere and makes for easy storage and quick cleaning. The triangular shape of the scientific glass creates an ultra-modern and unique decorative accent.

Recycler Rig Features

- 8” Height for Use Anywhere
- 14mm Female Joint
- Sprinkler Percolator
- Flared Mouthpiece
- Multiple Air Channels
- Unique, Modern Aesthetic
- Crafted from Scientific Glass
- Available in Green, Black, Yellow or White

About The Triangle Sprinkler Percolator

The sprinkler percolator infuses the smoke into the water, filtering and cooling it to perfection. The smoke then travels through multiple channels and through the flared mouthpiece. The Triangle Sprinkler Perc Recycler Rig combines lightweight portability with exquisite function to create an unparalleled smoking experience. Order it in green, black, yellow or white to compliment your personal style.