How Often To Clean Glass Bongs & Pipes

How Often To Clean Glass Bongs & Pipes

After that exquisite honeymoon phase with your brand new glass pipe ends (if it ever ends), it will eventually become dirty. The more you smoke, the faster it will need a good cleaning.

Over time, residue will accumulate and begin to impact the performance (and appearance) of the pipe. Cleaning your pipe might seem like a complicated endeavor, but our guide makes it easy and stress-free.

There are several reasons why it's in your best interest to keep your pipe as sparkling clean as possible.

How Often Should You Clean Your Bong or Pipe?

There really is no set number of times you should clean your pipes or bongs but we highly recommend doing it frequently. If you are an avid smoker you should likely clean your bong at least once a week to keep it functioning well and ensuring you get the best taste from your herbs. No body likes nasty bong water so the more you clean it the better. Also waiting too long to clean your pipe can make it much harder to clean when you finally decide to clean it since the residue will be that much thicker and harder to clean.

Make sure you don't forget to clean your bowl too anytime you clean your bong. This is just as important as its where the most residue builds up and eventually could clog the hole and make smoking near impossible. Cleaning a bong can be a pain unless you have the right bong cleaning supplies to make the job quick and easy.

Signs Your Bong Or Pipe Needs To Be Cleaned

If your bong is no longer easy to see through thats a good indication that you need to clean your bong. If it tastes nasty when you inhale that means your bong water is dirty and needs to be changed.

why you should be cleaning your bong

Is It Bad To Smoke Out Of A Dirty Pipe?

Yes it can contains a significant amount of germs and other harmful materials that build up over time. It's also a bad vibe to have friends come over and smoke out of your dirty pipe. Make sure you clean it before sharing it with friends.

5 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Bongs & Pipes

#1 Residue is Dangerous

In addition to being unfortunate to look at, accumulated residue can actually be dangerous for smokers. A substantial amount of accumulation could catch fire when you cover the carb, potentially burning both your finger and your mouth.

This hazard is 100% preventable with our Green Glass Clean.

#2 Practice Good Hygiene

Puff, puff, pass. Sharing pipes is part of the smoking experience. And it has been all throughout the bong's long and smoky history.

However, germs will inevitably cling to the pipe as it makes its way through the circle. There's nothing wrong with sharing your pipe if you simply keep it clean. You can eliminate the chance of spreading illnesses such as the common cold or, even worse: cold sores, by cleaning it regularly.

Imagine you came down with a nasty case of herpes that could've been avoided with a simple cleaning? You'd be pretty angry at yourself. If this isn't a compelling enough reason to keep your bong clean, what else can be?

#3 Less Ash Means Fewer Carcinogens, And Better Taste

Aside from preventing contagious diseases, cleaning a pipe will also eliminate carcinogens. Essentially, this means that smoking your herbs will do less damage to your lungs. That's right - cleaning your bong can actually make it healthier.

Additionally, removing the ash will drastically improve the taste of your herbs. Why smoke herbs that taste like ash when you could be smoking herbs that taste like herbs? For those who place a high importance on flavor, keeping your bong clean is a must.

#4 Appearance

We absolutely understand (and cherish!) the relationship that smokers develop with their glass pipes. For many, it’s love at first sight. For others, it’s love after a few good smokes.

Either way, there are some unique (and even breathtaking) glass pipe designs out there. Cleaning your pipe regularly will help you to appreciate the sculptural artistry of glass pipes. Finding the right bong for you can sometimes be quite a process, and your bong can be a magnificent work of art as well as a smoking device. Why not keep it looking brand new with regular cleaning?

#5 Less Residue Means Better Smoking

It’s as simple as that. When there is less ash to contend with in your glass pipe or bong, the smoke will travel in a much smoother fashion. A cleaner pipe will provide a better performance than a clogged pipe.

Dirty Bong Prevention Tips

Cleaning your pipe will eventually be necessary, but there are ways to delay this.

1. Use an Ash Catcher

Ash catchers are attached to bongs either under the bowl or on the downstem. They function by catching much of the debris that would normally fall into the water inside the bong. This will minimize ash accumulation, and decrease the frequency at which you must clean your glass pipe.

In addition to their primary use, they also aid in filtering smoke, providing cleaner, smoother hits.

When you do clean your bong, be sure to clean the ash catcher as well!

2. Use Bong Cleaner Regularly 

Some websites recommend smokers use isopropyl alcohol and salt to clean their glass pipes. This will not be nearly as effective as our cleaning solutions. Additionally, in-home ingredients are not as environmentally friendly.


A glass pipe is the kind of purchase that should last you for a significant period of time. Cleaning your pipe frequently will help you to enjoy that time much more than smoking out of a dirty pipe. Don’t forget to check out our pipe cleaning guide!

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