5 Reasons Why Glass Bongs Rule

5 Reasons Why Glass Bongs Rule

Nowadays, smoking has evolved in too many ways to count. Through serious advances in technology, the smoking-and-toking community has more options than ever when it comes to enjoying their herbs. Whether through dabbing or vaping, it's easy to forget about the smoking classics that made us fall in love with smoking in the first place. However, we'll never forget about the one that started it all, the beloved, essential classic: the glass bong!

1. Cool & Filter Smoke

A glass bong can cool and filter smoke, all to give you a smoother smoke inhale. Ultimately, the inhale feels a lot less harsh than what you get with other traditional methods, like papers. Percolators deliver exceptional filtration, and ice catchers/pinches provide incredible, smooth cooling. A percolator is a design within a bong which provides an extra degree of filtration to your smoke. Additionally, it can create eye-catching bubbling or swirling effects within when taking your hits. An ice catcher or ice pinch is a bong enhancement, usually located in the middle or upper section of the bong, close to the mouthpiece. It typically includes three or more prongs which supports ice cubes that you can stack within the pipe. These ice cubes cool down the smoke, giving it a smooth, frosty and pleasant effect as it travels through the bong before hitting your lips.

2. Cleaner & Sanitary

The water inside glass bongs can trap bacteria to reduce the number of microbes that you inhale. Smokers tend to pass papers, pipes, and bongs around, which can also pass illnesses. With a bong, a lot of those contaminants get filtered through the water instead of your lungs, making them the healthier choice. To get the maximum benefits from your bong, you should change the water out between each smoking session. A weekly deep clean is also a good idea. Consider cleaning it more if you're a hardcore, everyday smoker.

3. More Variety

A bong can come in a variety of sizes - and the bigger the bong, the larger the hits you can take. With rolled paper, you can only take so large of a hit each time. However, with a bong you can fill the entirety of the piece with smoke and continuously inhale. As long as the bowl is lit, there's no limit to the amount you can smoke in one magnificent toke.

4. Cost-Efficiency

Bong are more efficient, which helps you to save your herb, making it last longer and keeping money in your pocket. Flower in rolled papers continuously burns, which means unless you're consistently inhaling it, a lot of smoke is lost in the air. Bongs don't have the same continuous burn, which allows you to smoke at your own pace and to not waste as much of your stash.

5. Statement Pieces

Let's face it - bongs are conversation starters and create an experience with every session. People love to collect, talk about and show off their pieces. You can discuss where and how it was made, the features, craftsmanship and what makes it special. Then, you and your friends can try each others' glass bongs and see what combination of features is your favorite. You can revolve an entire session around your bongs, take your time, relax and enjoy your session. You can leave a packed bowl, talk and relight as you want over any period of time. The bong is always there ready and waiting!


Sure, there are tons of new ways to smoke and enjoy your herbs. But, at the end of the day, glass bongs remain perhaps the most popular way to kick back and toke up for a reason. At Toker Supply, we remain the internet's favorite online headshop for our supreme variety of glass bongs, dab rigs and more. Our unprecedented selection of glass bongs has options, features and sizes suitable for any smoker's needs and preferences. And, since we're a passionate community of smokers, we're always willing to help you find the perfect piece for you.
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