Benefits of Dabbing from a Dab Rig

Benefits of Dabbing from a Dab Rig

Do you find yourself curious about this recent phenomenon in smoke culture? Are you eager for the complete lowdown on all things dabbing and dab-related? Do you want to know the benefits of dabbing from a dab rig, and not a bong? Worry not, sweet child. We've assembled a special breakdown plus some simple ways to enhance your experience!

What the Holy Heck is Dabbing?

"Dabs" are the concentrated versions of plants or herbs. Solvents and the extraction of chemical compounds create this "dab" substance that passionate smokers love. Basically, the product is a sticky, goopy oil with names like wax, shatter or budder. Dabbing is definitely the more modern way to enjoy herbs. The oils heat on a hot surface (usually a nail or thermal banger), then a dab rig delivers the smoke.

Dab Rigs and NOT a Bong? Tell Me More!

Got your dabs? Eager to dab? Let's get to dabbing! But wait - you've got to make sure you've got a proper dab rig in place first.

A dab rig is the kind of water pipe that's specifically for dabbing (obviously). The name "dabbing" was inspired by the process of "dabbing" the wax onto the nail you heat to create the smoke. (More on that shortly!) The right dab rig with the right dabbing accessories will ultimately provide you with the perfect dabbing experience.

The Benefits of Smoking from a Dab Rig

So what makes a dab rig so ding, dang special anyway? Buckle up and pay attention, because there are some tremendous benefits to using a good, effective dab rig.

  1. Even the smallest dab rig packs an incredibly powerful punch. That's right - if Lord of the Rings taught us anything, it's that even the smallest things can hold tremendous power. No matter which dab rig you choose, you can smoke with the confidence that your rig is delivering maximum, flavorful power.  No matter what size your dab rig, you can expect a wildly dab-tastic hit.
  2. The flavor is positively miraculous. When you've got your dab rig operating at a steady, low temperature, your rig will deliver a hit that's resplendent with extraordinary flavor. Basically, the most passionate dabbers all agree that a good hit from a dab rig packs even more flavor than a classic rolled joint. The temperature control of a dab rig allows you to have an incomparable smoking experience.
  3. Efficiency to make your Grandpa Charlie weep. The carb caps on certain dab rigs allows for an efficient experience at lower temperatures. And would you like to know why? Essentially, the carb cap acts as a sealant on the banger or nail. This transforms it into a mini heated oven and the concentrate evaporates in short order. Every time you dab, the cannabinoids and terpenes in the concentrate will vaporize to completion.

How to Use a Dab Rig

Need a guide to use a dab rig safely? Follow these steps to ensure maximum safety and performance:

  1. First, you heat your nail! Turn your torch on and heat the nail from a distance of 3-5 inches. Most people heat the nail until you start to see small red specks (low temp) or glowing red if you prefer high temp dabs instead of low temp dabs.
  2. Dab, dab, dab the house down! Once you've heated your nail to perfection, put your torch down, you arsonist! Let your nail cool down for about thirty seconds, then dab your concentrate onto the nail! Then take in a nice lungful of silky-smooth smoke!
  3. Take a deep breath and enjoy the fruits of your labor! Once you've made sure every hot or heat-sensitive material is placed in a safe location, you may exhale and relax. Let your all-natural, herbal medication do its job. Maybe go to Taco Bell and order up some quesadillas and cheesy roll-ups!

Where Can I Get a Dab Rig?!

Take a look here for our complete selection of state-of-the-art dab rigs!


Lately, online head shops have been asked these questions a lot: what's dabbing? What's a dab rig? Basically, dabbing has been taking the world by storm. Even though it's been around for quite some time, only recently has it exploded in popularity. So for smokers who love to "savor the flavor," and appreciate the nuance of their herbs, dabbing is the best way to kick back with silky-smooth smoke.

Are you eager to get on board with this phenomenal trend in herb enjoyment? Well, we can't say we blame you. There's a reason why it's grown so popular among devout smokers. Basically, no matter what your smoking needs, Toker Supply is the best online head shop to consult. We've got you covered!
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