Holiday Gift Guide

The perfect gift for every kind of smoker!

Give the gift of fun vibes and good times. At Toker Supply, we carry everything that smokers need to enjoy their dry herbs or waxes in their preferred way. Whether you are shopping for a birthday, holiday or other occasion, giving a smoking-related gift is a great way to improve your smoker’s life, and also show them that you care.

UPC straight tube bong with clear glass and purple accents

Gifts for bong lovers!

There’s nothing like smoking out of a new bong. For hardcore and casual smokers alike, bongs are a cornerstone of every glass collection. The water filtration process, which is enhanced with various percolators, produces clean, cool hits. We carry both expensive, high-quality bongs for the experienced toker in your life, as well as bongs under 100 for smokers who are just beginning to enjoy this method of smoking. If your friend or loved one enjoys smoking, then they’ll surely appreciate a sparkling new piece. Get them the gift of glass this holiday season, and help them to start or grow their collection!

glass hand pipe with blue and orange swirls

Gifts for the traveling toker!

Lighting up in the designated smoking room is a blast, but taking a toker road trip can be a blast, too. We carry plenty of travel-oriented products that smokers can bring on-the-go. Whether you are traveling to the next city over, or across the country, travel smoking products are a quick and easy solution. If your friend or family member is the adventurous, then this is the perfect gift!

Bubblers follow the same water filtration principle as bongs, except with much smaller pieces. Rolling papers are a simple way to smoke your dry herbs wherever you are. Glass pipes are small, and easily stowed in any compartment or bag. Grinders double as an easy way to break up your herbs, and store them. Improve your smoker’s journeys with one of these neat pieces or accessories!

modern vape

Gifts for vaping enthusiasts!

Vaporizers are breaking new ground in the smoking world, and smokers aren’t turning back. We carry vapes that are compatible with wax, dry herbs, and both. These electronic smoking devices-- which some sources claim are healthier than bongs or glass pipes-- do not actually combust the wax or dry herbs.

Our expansive stock of vaporizers varies from highly portable pen vapes to desktop vapes. Pen vapes are highly discreet, and easy to conceal for on-the-go smoking. Desktop vapes offer smokers several customization options, and can vaporize the wax or dry herbs with more power. If your friend likes vaping, they’ll be sure to appreciate a new vape!

dab rig filled with smoke

Gifts for dabbers!

Dabbing has broken out of the underground smoking community, and emerged as a mainstream way to smoke wax. With the recent boom in the popularity of dabbing, there is no doubt that the smoker in your life indulges in the occasional dab. Why not enable them to do so independently? While they may not have started dabbing, dabbing gets easier with practice. To help them benefit the most from this piece, we also carry dabbing accessories. A new dab rig will help your friend take their dabbing game to the next level.

Christmas stocking hung on a mantle with decorated tree in background

The perfect stocking stuffers!

Not all smoking-related gifts are glass pieces. If the smoker you are shopping for already has either a bong, glass pipe, or dab rig, there are plenty of accessories that will help them to more fully enjoy these pieces. A new nail or banger will help them to heat the wax during the dabbing process. A new grinder will help smokers to better break up the herbs, or to catch finely ground herbs. An ash catcher will prevent debris from accumulating in the glass water pipe, and provide additional filtration. We have plenty of more smoking accessories, for all occasions.

Best of all, none of these accessories break the bank-- most are priced below $50.

pineapple bong

And Much More

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then don’t fret! Check out the rest of our website to browse our many other products.