Rest In Piece Program by TokerSupply

We are proud to be the FIRST & ONLY. Online Head shop to offer The Rest In Piece Program discounts when you break your beloved glass piece!

We have helped thousands of Tokers get a new piece at an amazing price and we would love to help you too!

Let's face it, we have all broken a piece in our lifetime and it is a horrible feeling. Nothing worse than watching your beloved piece shatter into pieces. Luckily we are here to save you! If you break your piece, and want a discount on an awesome new one here is all you need to do.


The #RIPiece program is the perfect way to keep smoking the way that you want to.

4 Steps to Getting a New Glass Piece:

  1. Give your old piece a proper burial
  2. Post a photo like the ones below on your Instagram or Twitter page and tag us @TokerSupply and Use the HashTag #RIPiece & #TokerSupply or Send us a DM if you prefer to stay private.
  3. Must include a piece of paper in the picture with your broken piece saying "HELP ME @TOKERSUPPLY #RIPiece"
  4. We will DM you a personal coupon code to get your next beloved piece at an awesome price & FREE Shipping!

It's as simple as that, here at Toker  Supply we want to ease the pain of losing a beloved piece by replacing it with an awesome new one at an awesome price!

As proprietors of an online headshop, we know that it’s our responsibility to keep high-quality products available to you. And we take that charge seriously. We’re always in communication with the best glass pipe artists in the nation, in order to offer you the cream of the crop.

Don’t Break the Bank After Breaking Your Piece

For some smokers, the idea of buying a new piece is daunting. Many people feel that they must spend hundreds of dollars in order to obtain a piece that’s worth smoking out of. With our #RIPiece program, that’s far from being the case.

Believe it or not, it’s possible to buy a piece that’s worth your money on a tight budget -- especially after you factor in the discount. We offer plenty of bongs under $100, so that you can take smooth, clean hits regardless of your level of interest. It’s also easy to dab on a budget -- so you can still enjoy tasty concentrate hits without spending a fortune.

Looking to extend the longevity of your pipe? Be sure to clean it regularly and thoroughly, so that you can enjoy a fuller smoking experience without losing your treasured piece!

Keep Your Best Pieces at Home, and Take Your Travel Pieces On the Road

Toker road trips are fun, but breaking your prized piece while traveling can be a buzzkill. You can eliminate the chances of this by setting aside a road kit with less expensive and more durable products.

Rather than taking your nice bong with you, bring along the damage-resistant silicone bong. Glass pipes are quite small, and easier to handle without the potential for a drop.

Take Advantage of the #RIPiece Program Today

It really is as simple as that. And, plenty of our customers have taken advantage of this opportunity in the past. Be the next member of the Toker Supply family to ease the pain of losing your beloved piece by replacing it with a new one.