Top 9 Accessories You Need for Your Glass Pipe

Top 9 Accessories You Need for Your Glass Pipe

So, you got your glass pipe. You’re all set to be a smoker, right? Well, maybe not so fast. To ensure maximum enjoyment, smoking requires a lot of preparation, and diligence in gathering the right tools for the job. There is always another tool that you can use to accomplish smoking-related tasks, and further improve your smoking experience. As experts in the online head shop domain, we have several accessory recommendations for anyone who is serious about smoking herbs the right way. Check out these tools to enhance your smoking experience, as well as your friends’ smoking experience.

Kraken Grinder with Dispenser

#1 Grinder - Conserve your herb!

A grinder is an essential purchase for anyone who smokes a pipe regularly. An herb grinder can quickly turn compact nugs of herb into a smokable blend. Grinders also ensure that you do not waste or lose any valuable herb. When breaking up the herb, the grinder keeps everything contained within the unit, and limits potential odors.

Using a grinder is far preferable to the alternative methods, like cutting it up over a glass or ripping it apart with your hands. Both of these methods will be messy, and may result in lost herbs. Touching the herb could potentially contaminate it, removing some of the chemicals that contribute to the flavor. Grinders will also catch any and all of the kief, or the more concentrated pieces of herb, that would otherwise be lost to you.

Looking to invest in your own grinder? We offer a wide range of grinders made of different materials.

Green Glass Clean

#2 Glass Cleaner - Keep it clean!

Keep your new pieces new. When you smoke regularly, your pieces will eventually become dirty. By cleaning them often, you will keep your glass pipe in pristine condition, and be able to smoke it for years to come.

Homemade pipe cleaning solutions may seem adequate, but some may cause your pipe to erode. Our green glass clean glass pipe cleaner will eliminate any and all unsightly char, resin, and other residues.

For expert input, check out our guide about how to clean your glass pipe!

8 Arm Tree Perc Ash Catcher in Blue

#3 Ash Catcher - Control your bong!

No, we didn’t say Ash Ketchum.

An ash catcher is an excellent accessory for the regular water pipe smoker, and will make this process much more approachable. The ash catcher will aid in filtrating and diffusing the smoke, allowing for smoother, cleaner hits. It will also proactively keep your bong clean by preventing ash, debris and more from dirtying your glass water pipe.

Our selection of ash catchers is suited to fit any joint size at various joint angles. We believe ash catchers are extremely important for regular water pipe smokers.

Medtainer Grinder & Storage Container in Green

#4 Herb Jar - Simple storage solutions!

Plastic bags are acceptable in beginner circles, but a storage jar is the best way to store large quantities of herbs. In addition to odor prevention, an herb jar will also provide more complete protection from the elements.

We also offer storage containers in several other styles. To keep herb flavors at their best, be sure to keep it somewhere dark and safe!

Stok R Butane Torch

#5 Torches - Calling all dabbers!

While a lighter will work fine in igniting your herbs when using a glass pipe, torches are a necessity when dabbing. Our torches allow you to easily adjust the temperature and length of the flame, and will quickly heat up your oil concentrate.

Our large selection of torches contains both home and portable torches. Not sure what kind of torch to purchase? Check out our torch selection guide!

RAW Zippo

#6 Lighter - Duh...smoking 101!

Never skimp out on the basics. Owning a quality lighter will save you the aggravating struggle that a cheap, store-bought lighter will cause.

Our RAW Zippo lighters are far more wind resistant than regular lighters. They also help you show off your affinity for your favorite hobby!

RAW Classic Rolling Papers in King Size

#7 Rolling Papers - Wildcard!

Even as online head shop proprietors, we know it’s the truth: we can all use the occasional break from smoking out of glass. Rolling papers provide that perfect relief.

Rolling your own herb joints or blunts is very conducive to a relaxed environment where you can pass them around and share with friends.

Choose from Big Bambu rolling papers, hemp king size rolling papers, 12” rolling papers, and more. Not confident in your rolling abilities? Our rolling mats and rolling machines will help with that!

6 inch Spiral Bubbler Glass Pipe

#8 Another Piece - Cause who doesn't like variety?!

A glass pipe is a great tool for smoking, but keeping a backup piece in your rotation can be valuable. For example, if you normally smoke out of a glass pipe, switching to a water pipe will give you a variation of that sensation and enhance your smoking experience. As an online head shop, providing you with various quality pieces for different occasions is our main goal.

Clear Eyes Meme

#9 Eye Drops - Go incognito!

Smoking can sometimes cause an undue strain on the eyes. If you intend to be in public after smoking, then traveling with eye drops is the best way to prevent other people from knowing that recently smoked.

If you don’t care that anyone knows you have been smoking, then rock on with your bad self!

Whelp ... there you have it! The list of 9 things you need for that new glass pipe. Like other hardcore smokers, we appreciate when smoking is done right. It’s easy, and sometimes even fun, to find solutions for your smoking-related issues around the house. However, investing in these supplies will help make sure that you can enjoy smoking to the fullest.

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