fireworks in the sky on July 4th

Why The Fourth of July Should Be Every Smoker's Favorite Holiday

When you think "best holidays," your brain most likely goes directly to Christmas or Thanksgiving. And that's fair - those are two major American holidays that we celebrate pretty seriously. However, what about the 4th of July? Does that ever come to mind when discussing the topic of awesome holidays? What about fantastic holidays specifically for smokers?

As an online headshop, we consider Independence Day one of the most smoker-friendly days of the year. That's right - this day was made for anyone with a passion for the puff and all the glorious magic it provides. July 4th deserves to ascend every smoker's list of favorite holidays, and we're going to tell you why.

1. Snacks, Food, Munchies - Glorious Treats In Every Direction!

Sure, maybe that headline's a touch over-the-top. It's not like the Fourth of July involves an annual visit to Willy Wonka's factory (although that would be awesome). But, have you ever been to a barbecue or party for July 4th without an excessive amount of food spread out across adjacent tables?

And is there anything better after a robust smoke or dab than chowing down on everything edible within sight? There's something inherently special about indulging in delicious food after smoking. Truthfully, the experience is impossible to describe to anyone who's never felt the apocalyptic hunger and heightened appreciation for each bite that defines post-smoke dining. If the notion of massive amounts of food doesn't excite everyone with a bong or dab rig, not sure what will.

2. A Three-Day Weekend? Don't Mind If I Do

Whether you're a veteran smoker or not, we're certain of one thing: you want an extra day off on the weekends. Every year, a scattered handful of beautiful, legitimate federal holidays roll around and give us three glorious days to recharge our batteries and do anything but confront responsibility. And, in case you've been a forest-dwelling hermit with zero knowledge of American traditions your whole life, the Fourth of July is one of them.

Remember: some holidays are significant components of the American DNA, celebrated by just about everyone, but we don't receive the blessing of a day off (for the record: Halloween, Halloween, Halloween - can someone please make this happen already?) Of course, some of us work jobs that are open and active 24/7, every day of the year, and don't get to spend the day however they want to. If you get to spend Fourth of July with friends and family, count yourself one lucky duck, indeed. Here's to you, essential workers.

3. Premium Diving, Dunks & Doggy Paddles

Yeah, sure - Christmas is a lovely and heartfelt time of kindness and giving - but you know what else it is? FREEZING, that's what. The time of year we call "the holidays" is a bitterly-cold, mid-winter, stuffy-nose period of frigid cold-and-flu, teeth-chattering misery. Part of the Fourth of July magic is that it's a major holiday we observe during the summer. As a result, this means we're not being compressed by a hideous sweater and shoveling down sugar cookies while cooped up inside and stressing over money spent on gifts.

Instead, you know what you get to do? Take a cool, refreshing splash in a pool or the ocean then soak up the sun as you smoke to your heart's content. Now, a lot of people call Christmas "the most wonderful time of the year," but when you think about these fundamental differences, it becomes easier and easier to challenge that. Smoke, soak, swim and smile!

4. Ka-Boom, But Make It Art.

There's something about fireworks that can turn even the most cynical adult into a giddy little toddler. Sadly, most of our poor dogs have to deal with the debilitating anxiety they experience from the often-deafening booms, bangs, zips and whistles that fireworks create. Okay, so our dogs equate fireworks with the apocalypse and that's a damn shame. However, that admittedly does not mean they're totally undeserving of our attention. If it did, all of us would burn our vacuum cleaners, too.

Fireworks are the perfect finale for the smokers who will spend Sunday's twilight hours enjoying their favorite herbs. A flavorful smoke plus a giant, spectacular display of colorful, luminous sky explosions? We dare you to try and find a smoker who wouldn't jump through any hoop necessary to make that happen.

Conclusion - Toker Supply

Nowadays, when it comes to special occasions, it seems we're embracing different holidays with a lot more zeal. Specifically, we're redirecting our enthusiasm towards holidays with less intrinsic pressure to meet a certain code or social standard. You don't have to make shopping lists of everyone you've encountered since kindergarten. Also, you don't have to dress in three extra layers for warmth, go to work, empty your bank account or stress over relatives visiting.

The Fourth of July just lets us enjoy what summer's got to offer. Stuff your face, enjoy some pretty explosions (plus some smoke) and take a cool dip under the hot sun. Or just improvise and enjoy yourself, why don't ya? A celebration indeed, huh?

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