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5 Summertime Tips for Glass Pipes

Smokers love their pieces -- there’s a simple fact. A smoking room with a glass water pipe, dab rig, and your other prized pieces is often a cornerstone of the smoker home layout. In order to take advantage of the warmer weather and the good vibes, though, glass pipes are the best way to smoke. These small and portable glass pipes are the ideal way to enjoy dry herbs, without the inconvenience of a larger piece. In this blog post, we’ll cover some helpful tips about smoking a glass pipe during the summer.

1. Be Careful About Breaking Your Piece

Many hardcore smokers consider glass pipes to be the most basic method for smoking dry herbs. Beyond that, though, glass pipes are also highly portable. They fit in pockets and pocketbooks, and are concealable in backpacks. But, with that level of portability comes the risk of breaking your piece.

So, how do you keep your glass pipe from breaking?

The first and most obvious answer is to purchase high-quality glass. Online headshops tend to sell higher quality products than physical head shops. We also have access to better products than local headshops, who purchase only from local suppliers.

The second way to do this is by keeping your glass pipe in a safe location. Whenever it is not in use, do not keep your piece on a high ledge, or the edge of a table. Finally, protective cases are also a great way to prevent damage, especially during transportation.

2. Take in the Beauty of the Summer

For smokers, one of the best ways to enjoy the summer is to find fun occasions to smoke dry herbs. While smoking in the yard during a barbeque is a refreshing change of pace, there are plenty of more unique experiences to be had.

Relaxing on a pool float while smoking your glass pipe is refreshing in more than one way. Just be sure to avoid dropping your piece (and herbs) in the water! Smoking on the beach is also a fantastic way to take in the water and the sky while relaxing.

Going camping with friends? Glass pipes are the perfect piece to bring along. Not only are they great for sharing, but they are also easy to pack away. The same principle applies to family or romantic picnics.

3. Enjoy Summer Events

Beyond the natural beauty of summer, there are plenty of fun activities that only get better with smoking.

Seeing your favorite band or artist live is always a great experience, especially when accompanied by friends. Bringing glass pipes along means that everyone can partake. This is especially true at a music festival.

Going to the local county or state fair is also a unique experience. Nothing beats the taste of a hot, sugary funnel cake after the thrill of the gravitron. The only way to improve this timeless experience? Taking a hit from your glass pipe.

Looking for something to do on the Fourth of July? Smoking your glass pipe while taking in the fireworks is a breathtakingly amazing experience.

4. Play Video Games or Watch Movies

Summer is the perfect time to get outside-- nobody is denying that. But we won’t tell if you stay inside every now and then.

Breaking out your video game stash with a few close friends can help you exercise your competitive streak, or have a fun, cooperative time. Just remember: nobody likes the guy who plays as Meta Knight in Super Smash Bros.

Netflix and chilling is the perfect way to relax after a stressful day. Or, really any time.

Fortunately, glass pipes can fit into all of these equations.

5. Road Trippin’

Think about the city that you’ve always wanted to go to. There’s plenty to see and do in New Orleans, Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia, and Seattle. Then, go there.

Taking a road trip is the perfect way to journey through life at your own pace. You and your friends, family or significant other can hop in the car and drive as quickly or slowly as you want.

Because you need to worry about clothes, food, and other essentials, glass pipes are the piece of choice. This compact piece will stay with you through all of your travels. And, what beats smoking dry herbs at the end of a long day?


There’s a reason that summer is the best time of the year. Taking your glass pipe with you will only allow you to enjoy it more.

At Toker Supply, our online headshop offers a variety of glass pipes. We carry Sherlock style glass pipes, as well as one hitters, chillums, bubblers, and standard bowls.


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